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Cap: Convex. 2 to 15 cm in diameter. Pumpkin or golden yellow colored cap; may have patches of other colors such as pink. Flesh yellow.
Gills: Not free; crowded.
Stem: 5 to 2 cm tall; up to 1.5cm wide. Partial fibrillose veil on the stalk. Pumpkin or golden yellow colored, becoming yellow or pinkish when dried. Flesh off white with blue or green tinges. Solid when young becoming hollow with age.
Smell: Mild or oily.
Taste: Bitter.
Spores: Elliptical; rough. Absence of germ pore.
Spore color: Rusty, orange.
Edibility: Psychoactive.
Habitat: Grows gregariously or cespitose (with entangled rootstocks or stems). Found on dead wood or wood chip mulch; hardwood or conifers. Grows in the Pacific Northwest and Southern America such as Tennessee and Georgia
Season: Grows in Spring, Fall and Winter.
Ecology: Saprotrophic.